Collins Steel ~ Core Values

INTEGRITY. Our actions build trust

TEAMWORK. Achieving together

CARING. Work, family, and community matter

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. The pursuit of excellence

RELIABILITY. We deliver on our commitments

Our Process

The Plan In Motion.

With the Collins team your plan gets the start it needs. With increasing demand for value-added service, Collins is a leader in the steel fabrication industry in the delivery of Building Information Modeling, and design assistance through licenced third party engineers.

The Plan Developed.

Collins has invested heavily in the latest CNC equipment and 3D modeling software. The organization has developed and maintained a quality workforce that utilizes our structural steel fabrication technology to produce the highest quality workmanship at maximum efficiency.

The Plan Completed.

In addition, our detailed project and pre-production planning system enables Collins to offer one of the fastest turn-around times in the structural steel fabrication industry.